The Special Education Centre in Tczew is created for children and teenagers with different mental handicaps. The Centre includes Primary School number 9, Grammar School, Technical School and the Club that amount to 500 children altogether from which 60 are at the boarding school.

In addition to typical lessons, the children have also the possibility to take part in many activities after class, i.e. clubs to develop different interests, choral society, sport classes, school newspaper, theatrical class, school shop, etc. Our pupils are also involved in many regional and nationwide activities with a lot of success.

Pupils from Technical School are prepared to work as gardner, cook, tailor, or construction worker.

To introduce the idea of dignity and tolerance for people with special needs and to help them to live in a fully integratred, supportive society instead of leaving them outside of it, we have created the Integration Club. Its main purposes are promoting the full integration of people with mental handicap or underprivileged background within the local community and transfering children’s activity from ” life in the street” to organised group activities.

Our pupils get to know our country during several therapeutical camps. They have been to different places in Poland, the Tatras Mountains, Karkonosze Mountains, Bieszczady Mountains, Warszawa, Krakow, Mazury, Kaszuby area…

Nowadays, the Special Education Centre not only gathers children with mental handicaps but also from underprivileged background, from families with many children often with pathological problems related to alcohol and a high percentage of unemployment.

Today it is very difficult to find financial support for a project involving a big budget to improve the situation of children with special needs. We believe that you will become a friend of our pupils who have social and intellectual problems.

We believe that the best results we can reach is integrating our pupils with the local community and developing their personal interests, hobbies, like sport and recreation. To reach these goals we first need to give our children safety and proper conditions.

Our Special Education Centre is located in a building which desperately needs some major repairs, because it has not been repaired in the last 30 years. We need to change the central heating system, the windows, the electrics, the roof and other neccessary repairs.

Therefore we need extra funding. Unfortunately, our authorities are unable to provide such big needs that is why we are looking for help among friends.

We are interested in co-operating with similar centres and organisations from your country to exchange experience of working with children with special needs and would be glad to exchange children and teachers between our countries. Also any financial help would be grateful to support the neccessary building repairs.


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